What is VNC?

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a software that display the screen of a remote computer (server) on a local computer (client) and in return it sends keyboard and mouse movements of the local computer to the remote computers.

It allows you to work at a remote computer, as if you would sit in front of the remote computer.

We use Xubuntu and VNC as an education platform.

VNC is platform independant.

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VNC demonstration At a time you want our teacher guides you through your chosen program.
You and your teacher can see on the screen the entire training.

So you can enjoy the qualities and ease of operation of our products.
You get an instant answer to your question.

The screening is done online in direct telephone conversation with your teacher.
The presentation is of course free of charge.

We use Xubuntu and VNC as a base and training medium.
Please contact us and arrange your personal appointment.
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