The warranty period for our products is according to law generally 24 months.

The warranty period begins on the date of delivery.
If operating or maintenance instructions of the seller is not followed, changes to the products, parts replaced or program data used / entered do not match the original specifications, the warranty.
The buyer must give the seller the defect immediately, but within one week of receipt of the product share.
defects, even after careful examination within this period can not be discovered, the Seller in writing immediately after discovery.
defects that the seller has represented to be removed from it by free repair or replacement.
Is this the buyer is a merchant as defined by the German Commercial Code, the investigation and reporting responsibility is in accordance with § 377.
The seller is not liable for loss of use, damage to downstream processes and andersweitigen damages to the buyer.
shipping for the return of the defective product will only be accepted by the seller, if the transport was commissioned by them.
prepaid shipments are refused.
If the repair even in case of recurrence, failed within a reasonable period required by the Buyer to demand a reduction in price or cancellation of the contract.
This is done in cooperation with banks.
It is the customer a loan that is returned by fixed installments over a fixed term.



We offer our software payment exclusively commercial customers.

Conditions for the formation of a contract / finance acceptance by our financing institute is.

So you check now, you can take out an installment agreement with us

  • Is this as you are a trader according HGB?
  • Subject to your principal place of business registered by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany?
  • Is your headquarters within Germany?
  • Is your residence within Germany?
  • is positive with sufficient credit your Schufaauskunft?
  • Can our financing institute obtain a positive bank report on you?
  • Do you have a valid credit card?

  • If these issues can be answered positively by you, our financing institute will give the green light for a payment.
    Emailticket: Contact us for a hire purchase.


    We offer our software also in a payment.

    It may be a hire purchase are agreed.
    requirement is a positive credit report.
    If a grant to hire purchase, the first installment is due.
    In addition, the countersignature of a disclaimer is required by the customer.
    The delivery of the goods upon receipt of the first installment and the written acceptance of the disclaimer.
    The monthly installments are due first of each month.
    Until the full payment of the purchase price of goods remain the property
    In a regular payment a retention of title (§ 449 BGB @) is agreed.
    Only after payment of the full purchase price, ownership passes to the buyer.
    The purchase price is to pay the last installment when paid.
    The creation of the final statement is then.
    The cost of failure indentation, that are the responsibility of the purchaser or account holder (at least EUR 10 handling fee) will be charged to the buyer.
    If the buyer at a rate all or part of more than 14 working days fall into arrears, the remaining liability, including the page opened for paying interest is due.
    interest at the rate of an additional 5% will be calculated from the first day of the month following the delay.
    Payments will be credited in accordance with § 367 BGB first against costs, then against interest and finally against the approved sum.